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1 ‏Assistant Professor, Management, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran

2 کارشناسی ارشد، گروه مدیریت، دانشکدۀ مدیریت و اقتصاد، ‏دانشگاه پیام نور، تهران، ایران



Considering the very important and influential role of human resources in ‎increasing productivity and providing desirable services in government ‎organizations, It is necessary to identify the factors affecting the performance ‎of human resources of these institutions. The purpose of this study is to ‎investigate and analyze the factors affecting the performance of human ‎resources And the position of the learning organization among these factors is ‎in the subordinate institutions of the Ministry of Cooperation, Labor and ‎Social Welfare in Central Province. The current research is of applied type. In ‎terms of the method, it is descriptive-analytical, and in terms of the data ‎collection method, it is a field survey. The statistical population of the ‎research is the experts of the institutions under the Ministry of Cooperation, ‎Labor and Social Welfare of Central Province. 50 people were selected as ‎samples. The data collection tool in this research was a researcher-made ‎matrix questionnaire in the context of the research problem which is ‎confirmed by five of the narration professors. The data was analyzed using ‎TOPSIS technique. In order to analyze the status and position of the learning ‎organization among the factors affecting the performance of human ‎resources, Based on literature and background, Six criteria and eight effective ‎factors were determined out of 21 factors. According to the findings of this ‎research The quality of supervision and leadership with a meritocracy ‎approach was the most important effective factor in the performance of ‎human resources of relevant institutions.